Rubbish Management Services in & Around Melbourne

Experienced rubbish management

At Kingston Skip Hire, we provide organised rubbish management solutions to a diverse range of customers throughout the Heatherton area, supplying skip bins for jobs of all natures. We work with everyone from builders to homeowners, so we accept a variety of materials in our skips, as shown below:

We accept the following materials in our skips:

✔︎ General household rubbish
✔︎ Garden/green waste
✔︎ Building/construction materials
✔︎ Renovation rubbish
✔︎ White goods

We don’t accept:

✘ Asbestos
✘ Paint
✘ Tyres
✘ Chemicals
✘ Oils
✘ Foodstuffs

It’s also important not to overfill the skip bin, as it will need to be covered during transport. We advise customers not to move it either, as our drivers might not be able to access it when they return to collect it, and the costs of any damage caused to the skip will be charged to you.

Skips should be filled with the heaviest items at the bottom, getting lighter as you go and with any garden rubbish placed at the top. Our walk-in models make it easier than ever to load your skip, but just let us know if you have any questions.


Give us a call on  03 9532 5021  to discuss effective rubbish management solutions in Melbourne!

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